1. Identity of the Company



Teunishoeve 11

5701 VA Helmond



Email: pepstrep@outlook.com

Tel: +31 06 10124048


2. About these General Terms and Conditions


2.1 These conditions apply to all orders. Every order implies the explicit acceptance of these sales conditions.


3. Placing Your Order


3.1 You may place an order by filling in the order form on the website: Pep-Strep and clicking on the appropriate submission button.


3.2 When you place your order, you will receive a web order number.


3.3 By placing an order, you make an offer to us to purchase the products you have selected on these terms and conditions. We may not accept your offer at our discretion.


3.4 In case we accept your order, we will notify you by sending you an order confirmation by email. This confirmation is binding the moment we send it to you. If we cannot accept your order, we will try to contact you by phone or email.


3.5 Pep-Strep shall not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of the unavailability of an item.


4. Price


4.1 Our prices are mentioned in euro, VAT included, and shipping costs excluded (and if applicable, handling costs excluded) unless mentioned otherwise.


4.2 The prices are valid at the moment of publication, where after they are subject to changes.


4.3 Discount codes cannot be used on already discounted products. Discount codes cannot be combined with other promotions.


5. Payment


5.1 Payment can be made in any of the manners specified on the website: Credit Card (Visa), IDEAL and Apple Pay


5.2 Pep-Strep retains ownership of the goods until you have paid for them completely.


5.3 For orders outside the EU, we cannot guarantee that additional charges may apply (Due to EU regulations on customs fees as of July 1).


6. Right of Withdrawal


6.1 In accordance with the law of 30 December 2013 regarding book VI of the Code of Economic Law "market practices and consumer protection," the consumer has the right to inform Pep-Strep in writing within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product that he or she wishes to renounce his / her purchase.


6.2 We advise the consumer to return the product in its original packaging, in perfect condition. If an item is damaged when sent back, Pep-Strep can claim compensation from the consumer that is proportional to the depreciation that the item has undergone (Article VI.51, §2 WER). Any return of which the sender cannot be identified will be refused.


6.3 The costs for the return are for the consumer and under the responsibility of the consumer.


6.4 Pep-Strep recommends that DHL will be used when returning products to be able to track the parcel via a Track and Trace number. Pep-Strep cannot be held responsible for the repayment of goods that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


6.5 The refund will be made within 14 days after receipt of the return by Pep-Strep, provided that all conditions as described above are strictly met (Article VI.50 §1-§3 WER).


7. Delivery


7.1 We will deliver the products which are indicated on your order confirmation. Pep-Strep cannot be held responsible for errors made by the customer concerning the delivery or billing address and for eventual late deliveries or the impossibility to deliver the products ordered, due to that mistake.


7.2 Title to and risk of loss concerning your products will pass to you on delivery of the products to the address stated in your order confirmation.


7.3 When a product is in stock, it shall be delivered to your delivery address within 7 to 10 workdays. This delivery schedule is an indication and therefore not binding.


7.4 Deliveries are scheduled during office hours from Monday until Friday (except on holidays).


7.5 If a product is not in stock, the consumer will be notified with an email about another delivery date. In case the consumer doesn’t agree with the delay, the order can be canceled, or the consumer can order an alternative product. The price for the canceled order will be refunded or, in case of an order for an alternative product, a new invoice will be made or credited, considering the price paid for the product that is canceled.


7.6 If we are not able to deliver within the agreed time, you will be notified before the delivery term expires. If we fail to deliver within the agreed time, you can decide to cancel your order, and you will be refunded within 30 days after cancellation.


7.7 We cannot be held responsible for consequential damage due to late delivery or non-delivery by the courier service that we use.


8. Guarantee


8.1 Without doing any harm to the right of renunciation, the consumer can apply to all the legal guarantees that come with the products on our website.


8.2 We guarantee that our products will match your order and will satisfy your normal expectations given the specifications of the product.


8.3 We stand behind the quality of our products. Our warranty applies to defects caused by faulty manufacture, construction, or material. However, please note that normal wear and tear or damage resulting from accidents, changes made to the product, negligence, or improper use by the customer is not covered by our warranty.


8.4 The consumer will be refunded for the products if they, with valid proof, are not to be considered in accordance with the normal standards of the product or if they show a hidden defect. Complaints can be sent by mail to info@pepstrep.com.


8.5 We apply the legal minimum guarantee period of two years for the delivery of goods if the goods do not comply with the order placed. This means that in the event of defects or malfunction of the goods, a free repair or replacement is possible up to two years after delivery.


As far as possible and reasonable, you have the choice between repair or replacement. Only in the event that the repair or replacement is excessive or impossible, or cannot be carried out within a reasonable period of time, do you have the right to demand a price reduction or the termination of the sales agreement.


If the defect or fault becomes apparent within the guarantee period, it will be deemed to have already existed before delivery unless we can prove otherwise. After the two-year guarantee period, you yourself will have to prove that the defect was already present at the time of delivery.


9. Force Majeure


9.1 In case of "force majeure," we are not obliged to fulfill our obligations. In that case, we can suspend our obligations while the force majeure lasts, or we can definitively dissolve the arrangement.


9.2 Force majeure is every circumstance beyond our control that prevents the fulfillment of our obligations, either partially or entirely. Force majeure can be seen as: strikes, fire, business interruption, energy interruption, interruptions in (telecommunication-) network or connection or used communication systems and/or the malfunction of our website, late or non-delivery of the suppliers, or other engaged third parties.


10. Intellectual Property


10.1 Our website, logos, text, photos, names, and in general, every communication is the property of Pep-Strep and/or Provider and is protected by national and international copyright and other intellectual property laws that are with our suppliers or other stakeholders.


10.2 It is forbidden to make use of and/or change the intellectual property rights as subscribed in this article. For instance, drawings, photos, names, texts, logos, color combinations, etcetera... cannot be copied nor reproduced without prior and explicit written permission.


10.3 Each infraction shall result in a claim for damages, to be individually determined in each case and may also result in a lawsuit, for which only the courts of Helmond have jurisdiction, that apply Dutch law.


11. Settlement of Complaints


11.1 In case you do have complaints about our services, do not hesitate to contact us via info@pepstrep.com. We will do everything in our power to treat your complaint within 7 workdays.


12. Disagreements Governing Law and Jurisdiction


12.1 We will try to solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently. If you are not happy with the way we deal with any disagreement and you want to take court proceedings, then you have to do it in the Netherlands.


12.2 The Dutch law applies to the contract.


12.3 The Online Dispute Resolution Platform, in short ODR, is a disputes committee for online purchases and sales within the EU. The ODR has been active since 9 January 2016 and acts as an information center on consumer rights and on out-of-court dispute resolution.

Here the link http://ec.europa.eu/odr


13. Discount Codes


13.1 Discount codes cannot be used on already discounted products. Discount codes cannot be combined with other promotions.


14. Indemnity Clause for Suppliers


Each supplier shall indemnify "PEP-STREP" as well as Mrs. Liz-Anne Donatz for any claim, of whatever extent, from third parties for compensation for damages as well as for all costs (intervention of counsel PEP-STREP, administration PEP-STREP, etc.) resulting from such a third-party claim relating to goods purchased from the supplier in question.


Now that we've laid down the fashion rules, let's start this stylish adventure together! Enjoy shopping with Pep-Strep, where fashion and flair meet elegance and excitement!